Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.
~ Theodore Roethke

ABOUT Dr. Baird:

I’ve practiced naturopathic medicine in Portland since 1998, originally specializing in women’s medicine and homebirth services. As my interests shifted more solidly toward mental and emotional well-being, I pursued a Masters in Counseling at Portland State University, receiving that degree in 2008. I simultaneously completed a two-year training program in Hakomi therapy, a mindfulness-based, experiential psychotherapy approach, becoming a certified Hakomi therapist in January 2012 and a certified Hakomi trainer in 2019.

Through my long background in the healing professions, I have a deep understanding of the interplay between mental/emotional and physical health. My specialty as a therapist is midwifing people toward emotional well being. I offer a deeply caring therapeutic relationship and provide a resource of emotional capacity and hopeful perspective even in the midst of confusion and suffering.

I believe that any therapist’s work is deeply influenced by their personal experience. I have known the challenges of juggling the demands of a two-career family. Layoffs, career change, relocation and health issues have woven their webs into my life. I have enjoyed the sweet bliss of parenting and have known the gut wrenching self-doubt that comes right along with it. I find solace and balance in a rich community of friends, running, meditation and gardening around my home in Southeast Portland.