All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted.
~ Saint Teresa of Avila


Do you wish to feel more at ease and satisfied in your relationships and with yourself?

Do you long to feel greater fulfillment in your work and your daily life?

Do you wish for a sense of greater self-acceptance and balance in the face of change, even when things are not going well?

Do you long to have greater clarity about how to move forward in your life?

Living our lives more fully attuned to our innate inner wisdom naturally brings us greater clarity, empowerment, intimacy and contentment.

I offer mental-health counseling using an experiential, body-centered approach. I work with people who are tired of the way things have been and are looking for meaningful change in their lives. While a review of the past can be a important starting point for change, insight gained in this way is not always enough. Earlier life experiences and issues occuring in everyday life will be explored to better understand old patterns and limiting beliefs. Using a mindfulness-based, experiential approach, I assist people to examine these less than satisfying patterns and beliefs and then move beyond them; building on existing strengths and discovering new choices. Individuals, couples and families can benefit from this approach.