Nature, the gentlest Mother, is impatient of no child - the feeblest or the waywardest - her admonition mild.
~ Emily Dickinson


I offer individual and relationship counseling, as well as naturopathic medical treatment for mental-emotional health concerns.

Appointments and Fees:

Counseling: I offer both 50- and 80-minute appointments. Initial appointments are typically 50 minutes and include an initial evaluation. After the initial evaluation, we will determine together the best pace with which to proceed. My fees are $140 for a 50-minute session and $220 for an 80-minute session.

Naturopathic medical visits: Initial appointments are scheduled for 50-minutes and include a comprehensive evaluation, including a review of any medical records or medication/supplement protocols you are currently on. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for either 25- or 50-minutes. My fees are $140 for a 50-minute appointment and $75 for a 25-minute appointment.

Insurance: I do not bill insurance companies directly, but can provide you with the forms that will allow you to request insurance reimbursement for services. It is always a good idea to check with your insurance provider before your appointment.